Sir Richard Taylor-Weta Workshop

"In this new set of lessons from one of America’s leading figurative sculpting tutors – John Browns approach on how to sculpt the planes of the human male head is carefully and methodically explained. John’s teachings deliver a pragmatic set of simple to understand lessons that help ground the sculptor in the critical importance of learning the fundamentals of this art. It is these fundamentals that our creative team here at Weta Workshop value as the underpinning of our sculpting process – whether we are sculpting a hyper realistic figure or a more fantastical alien creature. Johns insistence that, all good work must be underpinned by a thorough understanding of structure and form, is also the cornerstone of our creative process .
Seeing John’s exquisite sculptural work is one thing – but witnessing the impact he has upon the students he inspires, speaks to the success of his approach to teaching these fundamentals. The work of his graduating students show strong appreciation for these foundation skills in figurative sculpting which is testament to Johns style of tutoring.
Once again – John Brown offers a set of tutorials that enable the student to better understand the fundamentals of how to sculpt and how they may start on the journey of becoming a skilled figurative sculptor."

Richard Taylor
Weta Workshop-Owner, Creative Director

[Winner of 5 Academy Awards]

James Marsano [Sculptor DC Collectibles, Gecco Corp, Tweeterhead]

As a figurative Digital sculptor in the collectible industry and former student of John right from the early days of my Artistic education,
I can attest that John's fundamental teachings has formed me to become the sculptor I am today whether it be Anime, Cartoons or Comic book style, these fundamental knowledge that John compiles into his planar head study and tutorials has guided me to tackle any style I could possibly imagine.I took all of John's amazing classes throughout the years, this planar head model will always be a constant reminder on my desk.I cannot recommend this set highly enough to my friends and colleagues! "

-James Marsano DC collectibles, GECCO Corp, Diamond select toys, Tweeterhead

 Tom Wholley [Jr Modeler at ILM]


“As a former student of John’s I can honestly say his class and tutorial series has transformed the way I view figurative sculpture. 

The fundamental knowledge taught in his incredibly in-depth tutorial series are the secret weapons I use in every creature / character model I do, digital or traditional, personal or production. 

Before John’s tutelage I had never sculpted a day in my life,

Now I have a career in the film industry. All because of John Brown’s sculpting techniques.

I have a copy of his planar Head Study on my desk at all times and his new tutorial is now available at a fraction of taking his class.” 

-Tom Wholley

Jr creature modeler at

Industrial Light and Magic

Eric Keller, Digital Artist & CG Instructor