"I have had the great fortune and enjoyment of watching John Browns exceptional DVD series on sculpting the human figure and head. He has an incredible, in-depth understanding of the Bridgman philosophy. His tutorials are succinct, focused and deliver a wonderful set of tutorials on sculpting the human form. I now enjoy sharing these tutorials with the sculpting team here at Weta Workshop and believe they will get a great deal  out of John's teachings.I look forward to future editions!!'

-Richard Taylor (Co-Owner & Creative Director of Weta Workshop) Wellington NZ

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John really doesn't need any approval rating. He is superb and a very accomplished craftsman and artist by all means. His ability to explain what he is doing is astonishingly accurate and far from superfluous. Maybe tiresome for some, but certainly not for those who appreciate this rare chance to obtain every bit of needed information, even if sometimes in duplicate. Congratulations and thank you!-Bernie B

Remarkable, technical, thorough, artistic. Well shot, well lighted, great sound and editing. The sculptures I have made since seeing this video and applying the techniques taught in it are 1000 time better than what I was producing before. Wonderful work. An utterly remarkable DVD worth of 10 stars!-William N

Excellent instruction, clear video, clear sound, no ambiguity. This is truly professional grade teaching. I've seen lots of information about making armatures over the years but this is far and away the most detailed, most complete and substantial set of instructions I ever got. By the time you are finished with the armature in this video, nothing short of a car falling on it would disturb your work. I am impressed. I'll never go back to the flimsy things I started with. I value my time too much to waste it with anything less than something like this.-Susan D

Well, this seven DVD set goes beyond the basics, and answers just about every question you will have about sculpting, casting in plaster and silicone, and pouring the final cast in resin.-David J

This was a very complete dvd with most aspects of figure sculpting addressed. I want this one for my prvate library! Sculpting the Femme Fatale is Excellent!-Lawrence L

This DVD is beyond amazing! Anyone who wants to learn the PROPER foundation for any figurative sculpture must watch this--and take lots of notes. Invaluable.-Jamie L

Both the character sculpture and Maquette videos are chock full of information that can be used by sculptors across the board, and in any medium. Totally recommended!-Rebecca B

John Brown's series is the best that I have seen. Beginners have big problems with armatures and mold making in addition to understanding basic anatomy. Brown handles it all clearly and makes most operations far simpler than most beginning sculptors can suppose. His snap-away armature demonstration is a classic. If I had seen his demonstration on utilizing foamcore and other simple materials to make box molds years ago, I could have saved frustration and money. Highly recommended.-William N

The best sculpting DVDs ever! John Brown takes his time to talk about each tool and how to use it.-Roger R