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‘Pattern Recognition is a crucial skill for the Artist who must create a highly ordered composition amid many competing and often nebulous design considerations” quote from 101 things I learned in Architecture School

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"Many students of sculpture think that the magic happens when the clay goes on...nothing could be further from the truth. Learn the "Backstory" including plotting out your project, making the armature, posing the armature and much more."-John Brown


"Sculpting Fantasy Characters" Now Available for Download at a Nice Price ($24.99)

The Ideal Armature-2K (is on it's Way)

This new tutorial covers many important steps including new advanced techniques for posing the figure correctly including plumb line, line of action, compositional balance & several poses that every figurative artist must know.  Also included is plotting out the Male & Female figures on paper with Van Arno, including scale, proportion, important landmarks, printable armature maps & lots more....stay tuned! 


John Brown's Planar Head Study Models are also now available at many Fine Art Supply Retailers. In California at Blue Rooster Art Supplies, Carter Sexton Art Supplies & AFA Supplies.... and in New York City at The Compleat Sculptor in Lower Manhattan.

Enjoy these short Film clips of new content

Head Sculpting Demo at Blue Rooster Art Supplies

Practice With the Study Model

New Tutorial Now Available

Painter Van Arno talks Tone & it's Importance

Study Model Demo by John Brown

"People ask me what the driving force behind the success of my students is and I tell him that in addition to their hard work it's the fundamental training that I provide...this study model is what I teach them...they just wrap their imagination around it!!...I don't teach them concept, I just teach them this, over & over again!-John Brown